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Re: RFS: viennacl

* Michael Tautschnig <mt@debian.org> [110730 13:29]:
> > > - auxiliary/converter is shipped as binary, although converter.cpp probably is
> > >   its source!?
> >
> > Yes. What do you propose? Should I remove auxiliary/converter from the
> > source package? If so, how? Via a patch in debian/patches?

> I think for all of the above you should speak to upstream about having them
> removed. I don't quite know about their responsiveness (or willingness to do
> so), hence for the moment you might want to start out with a repacked tar ball,
> [...]

If you repackage anyway, removing those files would be good. But if you
otherwise do not need to repackage the orig.tar.gz, please try to avoid

If the package contains the source for those files, there is no need to
repackage the source. Repackaging a source means it gets much harder to
check if it is the original or if anyone tried to insert stuff there.

Determining if that actually is the source might not be that easy in
some cases (sometimes only a .cpp might not be enough), but I think it
is definitely worth it.

If there is no source missing, just make sure it is not used in the
debian build, for example by deleting it in debian/rules before doing
anything else (in most packages just before running configure is a very
good time).

	Bernhard R. Link

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