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Re: Code aster changelog

Il giorno ven, 10/06/2011 alle 17.57 +0200, Pierre JUILLARD ha scritto:
> Andrea,
> I am very pleased to be able to help.
> I am a bit surprised by the error you report.
> I am not an expert in packaging, but shouldn't the "dependency
> analysis" step have warned you about missing dependency when compiling
> Code_Aster debian package?


I've completed the compilation succesfully with python2.7 :)

I don't know exactly what caused the error; but initially my system was
installed with python2.5 and python2.6 (and numpy, as a dependancy for
code aster); at a given time, something happened and my system installed
also python2.7, but didn't update numpy: it can also be that I've
installed python2.7 explicitly, I don't remember.
Anyway, I think than numpy installs some of its files in the postinst
script, that never run on my system for 2.7, hence some files were
missing; and after updating the numpy package it worked.

So, in the end, we've managed to make CA compile also for python2.7, and
now the python team sould be happy too ;-)

I'll update the repository this evening or tomorrow, and now all the
issues known to me are resolved: can somebody review and eventually
upload the package?

It would also be good to upload the metis-edf package: even though it's
not required, it's still used as the default renumerator, and AFAIK the
package doesn't have any issue.


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