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Re: Code aster changelog

Le jeudi 09 juin 2011 à 22:20 +0100, Andrea Palazzi a écrit :
> --- Mer 8/6/11, Sylvestre Ledru <sylvestre@debian.org> ha scritto:
> > If you are planning to maintain the package, please add
> > yourself in the
> > control list and don't forget to commit it.
> Please define what does "maintain the package" implies: I'm still not
> sure I want to take this charge...
Usually, it means fix packaging bugs, report bugs to upstream and
package new upstream release.
To me, most of work is with the initial packaging work.

> Anyway, you mean I should add my name (and email) in the Uploaders: 
> field of the control files, is that so?


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