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Re: Code aster changelog


I am very pleased to be able to help.

I am a bit surprised by the error you report.
I am not an expert in packaging, but shouldn't the "dependency analysis" step have warned you about missing dependency when compiling Code_Aster debian package?




I've investigated on the problem, and I think it was due to some missing
numpy files for python2.7: what happened is that my system had firstly
installed python2.5 and python2.6; then it also installed python2.7, but
those numpy files weren't created.
I've reinstalled numpy, and those files now are present; I'm compiling
right now, but I believe the problem is now solved... I'll post updates
on the mailing list.

Thanks for your help, anyway: knowing that it worked with python2.7 on
other system really helped me to narrow the problem to my system.


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