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Re: ITP: aster -- Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software for engineering simulations

Le lundi 30 mai 2011 à 22:12 +0200, Andrea Palazzi a écrit :
> Il giorno dom, 29/05/2011 alle 20.15 +0200, Andrea Palazzi ha scritto:
> > > > What now? I'll continue to work on the packages... what should be fixed
> > > > first to make the packages enter the distribution?
> > > 
> > > I think we have first to decide what to choose with metis-edf / scotchmetis?
> > If I'm right, there's no need to choose; anyway, in the next week I'll
> > run the test suite and see the results.
> Hi,
> today I've run the test suite with the serial version; the results are
> good, some tests are failing, and I think that most of them are failing
> because of a bug arising when using gfortran to compile:
> http://www.code-aster.org/forum2/viewtopic.php?id=14953
> So, apart from the missing mpirun_template file needed for the
> compilation of the parallel version (that is already being resolved),
> maybe we are ready to upload the package? I'm not expert in debian
> packages, and I wold really like to know how good a package must be to
> become part of the distribution... e.g. the package is not yet lintian
> clean: does it have to pass lintian tests to enter into Debian?
Yes and no. Errors must be fixed.
Some warnings can be easily fixed, some others (like missing manpages)
are longer and not necessary to be fixed. 
What are they ?

> The package has also some minor issues, regarding only the running of
> the validation cases: are those issues to be fixed before uploading, or
> can we live with a package with some bugs?
Well, it depends what you mean by "minor" ;)... 
If you want to get feedbacks from compilation chains on other archs, we
could upload it to experimental.


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