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Re: ITP: aster -- Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software for engineering simulations

On May 29, 2011, at 2:28 PM, Andrea Palazzi wrote:

> Il giorno ven, 20/05/2011 alle 15.51 +0200, Sylvestre Ledru ha scritto:
>> Le vendredi 20 mai 2011 à 14:34 +0100, Andrea Palazzi a écrit :
>>> Just a little update: I did a quick test, and it seems that CA can be built and run happily without being linked to metis/metis-edf, but to scotchmetis instead.
>>> So, I'm going to update the package to use that library, then I'll start to dig into the other issues.
>>> But I'm a bit confused with all the scotch/ptscotch and also mumps/mumps-seq,-scotch and -ptscotch: which version of the libraries should be used for the serial build, and which for the parallel build?
>>> Sylvestre: maybe you can review and upload metis-edf and libmetis-edf to non-free? I haven'touched them since they compile and are lintian clean...
>> OK, I just added that in my todo list.
>> Could you review the copyright file before the upload ?
>> Sylvestre
> A little update:
> - I've updated the copyright with the upstream approval to post the
> sources and binaries of metis on the debian mirrors

Great news so we could upload metis-edf, right?

> - code aster packages now are built only for python2.6
> - code aster is no longer linked to metis-edf but to scotchmetis; now
> metis-edf is only a suggested package

Just a "stupid" question.
aster is build with libmetis from scotch

If we use metis-edf there is no libmetis library but a libmetis-edf library
to avoid conflict when trying to install both metis-edf and scotchmetis.
So I had the feeling that we have to build either with scotchmetis or metis-edf.

If we choose scotchmetis, then we cannot use onmetis...

Do you have any idea if it will be (possible and) long to rewrite onmetis with scotch?

> About the last change, I made only a quick test and it seemed to work;
> anyway, a deepest testing should be needed: in the next days I'll run
> the test suite coming with code aster.
> The package has still some issues:
> - the file mpirun_template, needed to complete the mpi build by as_run
> is missing; I've opened a bug for code-aster-run[1], is someone taking
> care of this?

I could take care of this point. But I wish to wait for the new version of astk.
Upstream has made some changes to close the open bugs on code-aster.

> - some sed commands in debian/rules does not seem to work; the affected
> file is astout.export, used to run the test suite

As far as I remember they were introduced by Andre to limit the testsuite
to a given set of tests not including metis.

> - the package is still not lintian clean, since there are some .pyc
> files around

I think we can safely remove the .pyc

> What now? I'll continue to work on the packages... what should be fixed
> first to make the packages enter the distribution?

I think we have first to decide what to choose with metis-edf / scotchmetis?

> Bye
> Andrea
> [1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=627540

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