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Re: ITP: aster -- Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software for engineering simulations

Il giorno ven, 20/05/2011 alle 15.51 +0200, Sylvestre Ledru ha scritto:
> Le vendredi 20 mai 2011 à 14:34 +0100, Andrea Palazzi a écrit :
> > Just a little update: I did a quick test, and it seems that CA can be built and run happily without being linked to metis/metis-edf, but to scotchmetis instead.
> > So, I'm going to update the package to use that library, then I'll start to dig into the other issues.
> > 
> > But I'm a bit confused with all the scotch/ptscotch and also mumps/mumps-seq,-scotch and -ptscotch: which version of the libraries should be used for the serial build, and which for the parallel build?
> > 
> > Sylvestre: maybe you can review and upload metis-edf and libmetis-edf to non-free? I haven'touched them since they compile and are lintian clean...
> OK, I just added that in my todo list.
> Could you review the copyright file before the upload ?
> Sylvestre

A little update:
- I've updated the copyright with the upstream approval to post the
sources and binaries of metis on the debian mirrors
- code aster packages now are built only for python2.6
- code aster is no longer linked to metis-edf but to scotchmetis; now
metis-edf is only a suggested package

About the last change, I made only a quick test and it seemed to work;
anyway, a deepest testing should be needed: in the next days I'll run
the test suite coming with code aster.

The package has still some issues:
- the file mpirun_template, needed to complete the mpi build by as_run
is missing; I've opened a bug for code-aster-run[1], is someone taking
care of this?
- some sed commands in debian/rules does not seem to work; the affected
file is astout.export, used to run the test suite
- the package is still not lintian clean, since there are some .pyc
files around

What now? I'll continue to work on the packages... what should be fixed
first to make the packages enter the distribution?


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=627540

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