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PV-Wave v8.51 on Etch


is there anybody out there, who is also running PV-Wave v8.51 on
Etch? Our PV-Wave based application has been running successfully 
until Etch' mid-march version. However, PV-Wave now segfaults
when calling the `tv' procedure to display an image. 

This is a screen capture when running the `tv' demo from 
the PV-Wave documentation:

--- snip ---

WAVE> mandril = BYTARR(512, 512)
WAVE> OPENR, unit, !Data_dir + 'mandril.img', /Get_lun
WAVE> READU, unit, mandril
WAVE> WINDOW, XSize=512, YSize=512
WAVE> TV, mandril
% ERROR: Signal encountered: Segmentation violation.
% Since this may indicate a serious problem, it is recommended
% you save all data and restart PV-WAVE.
% Execution halted at $MAIN$   (TV).

--- snip ---

I suspect this segfault is a result of our latest upgrade to 
the stable Etch version, since the error did not happen before
(to my knowledge). 

I would appreciate it, if someone, who has a PV-Wave installation
at his fingertips, would be willing to try reproducing this 
problem on latest Etch and share his findings with me (or even 
better: with the list).

Thanks in advance 


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