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Re: PV-Wave v8.51 on Etch

On 4/16/07, Juergen Salk <juergen.salk@gmx.de> wrote:

is there anybody out there, who is also running PV-Wave v8.51 on
Etch? Our PV-Wave based application has been running successfully
until Etch' mid-march version. However, PV-Wave now segfaults
when calling the `tv' procedure to display an image.

This is a screen capture when running the `tv' demo from
the PV-Wave documentation:

Hmm. PV-wave is bug compatible with IDL!   You might want to consider
gdl, which has
different bugs for your entertainment.

IDL's tv is failing too, as are many other apps.  For me, Friday the
13th updates marked the
death of IDL on FC5, debian etch, and gentoo.  The problem appears  be related
to the patches for "Multiple integer overflows in the XGetPixel() and
XInitImage functions"
(CVE-2007-1667).  The patches add argument sanity checks, and appear
to be revealing many insane calls in apps using these functions.  For

IDL> tv, bytarr(9,9) triggers the bug

See the recent posts in <http://ittvis.com/forum/message.asp?fmid=2267>

--- snip ---

WAVE> mandril = BYTARR(512, 512)
WAVE> OPENR, unit, !Data_dir + 'mandril.img', /Get_lun
WAVE> READU, unit, mandril
WAVE> WINDOW, XSize=512, YSize=512
WAVE> TV, mandril
% ERROR: Signal encountered: Segmentation violation.
% Since this may indicate a serious problem, it is recommended
% you save all data and restart PV-WAVE.
% Execution halted at $MAIN$   (TV).

--- snip ---

I suspect this segfault is a result of our latest upgrade to
the stable Etch version, since the error did not happen before
(to my knowledge).

I would appreciate it, if someone, who has a PV-Wave installation
at his fingertips, would be willing to try reproducing this
problem on latest Etch and share his findings with me (or even
better: with the list).

George N. White III <aa056@chebucto.ns.ca>
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia

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