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Re: Thoughts on distributing virtual machine images to promote Debian

Michael Hanke wrote:
> I guess I do not know enough about Live-CDs, but obviously others have
> this problem as well. Is it true that it is as easy as a VM to setup a
> Live-CD for daily productive work?

for me, it's even simpler :) live-helper is taking care about almost all
of the little magic required to build live systems. you can master cds
with one single command (make-live).

> And I'm talking about the user-perspective.

from the user perspective, there are two problems with live-helper:

  * it is massively underdocumented atm.

  * if you have applications which are not possible to install
    non-interactively, e.g. because you only have a gui-installer for
    it, you cannot install it so convenient atm.

    the --interactive flag of make-live provides the possibilty to make
    a build interactive. currently, only shell interactiveness works,
    but a xnest window is planned and comming sooner or later.

> To my understanding the VM would require installing the virtualization
> software (click through) and choosing a folder you want to mount within the VM.
> What would be necessary to achieve the same with a Live-CD?

the live system is not different to a non-live system, so if you can
read the machines filesystems, you can just mount them as usual.

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