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drawing of network: in search of a tool


I don't know if the question is appropriate for this list, but here goes:

For visualization purposes, I want to draw a power system with the power flows on the figure.

Therefore i need to draw the following:

* nodes on specific coordinates
* make connections between them according to the connections in my network
* put a number and arrow next to the connections indicating the power flow
* put a number next to every node (for voltages)
* preferably a vector format output for

All the input data is available in matlab, csv or txt format.

The visualisation should be possible for large networks, without cluttering of information, and it should be ideal as this could be done using some script in post-processing. It would be nice if it was very straightforward :-). If the result is a figure, that is ok (no need for interactivity with the outcome).

Is there someone who has experience with a software tool, script plugin that is suitable for this?

I already considered the following possibilities:
* some kind of tex file (picture environment) that I make with a script (perl or something else)
* writing an xfig file using a script
* something in matlab
* something with dot/neato,

All are possible but i didn't find something that really fitted my needs, although it is possible that I overlooked something. Maybe someone knows something that would be useful, or maybe someone has done something similar before, and can give me some pointers.

Thank you in advance,

Dirk Van Hertem

Dirk Van Hertem                          Dirk.VanHertem@esat.kuleuven.be
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