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Re: drawing of network: in search of a tool

Dirk Van Hertem <dirk.vanhertem@esat.kuleuven.be> writes:

> * nodes on specific coordinates
> * make connections between them according to the connections in my network
> * put a number and arrow next to the connections indicating the power flow
> * put a number next to every node (for voltages)
> * preferably a vector format output for

I don't know what control it gives you to specify explicit coordinates
but GraphViz (available as a Debian package) is a venerable and useful
graph visualizer which will satisfy your other requirements.  

You may have to put in some effort to massage your data into a proper
input format.


apt-cache search graphviz
libgraphviz-perl - Perl interface to the GraphViz graphing tool
deps-tools-cli - DEPS command-line tools
libdeps-renderer-dot-perl - DEPS renderer plugin using GraphViz/dot
monotone-viz - visualize a monotone repository
python-pydot - Python interface to Graphviz's dot
sig2dot - converts a list of GPG signatures to a .dot file
springgraph - creates a graph from a .dot file (neato alternative)
visitors - A fast web server log analyzer
dot2tex - Graphviz to LaTeX converter
graphviz - rich set of graph drawing tools
graphviz-dev - graphviz libs and headers against which to build applications
graphviz-doc - additional documentation for graphviz
libsql-translator-perl - SQL translation library
ncc - C source code analyzer
python-pygraphviz - Python interface to the Graphviz graph layout and visualization package
sqlfairy - SQL translation utilities

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