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Re: personal literature collection

Hi David,

On Sun, 2005-08-21 at 13:07, David Andel wrote:
> Hi all
> I am new to the debian-science mailing list and don't know if my issue 
> has been discussed here before. Sorry if it was.
> For quite some time I am thinking about a versatile system of managing 
> my personal literature collection.
> Such a system would have to provide at least the following features:
> - indexing and searching across all items, like authors, title, article 
> type, journal, keywords, date of publication, citations, ISSN, ISBN, 
> etc. - and also personally defined items
> - full text search (if full text available)
> - personal notes management, preferentially with direct annotation 
> functionality of text passages
> - definition & management of excerpts
> - support of a plethora of different file formats, like pdf, ps, dvi, 
> html, plain text, office software formats etc.
> - useful for local electronic, online and also paper documents
> - management and preferentially graphical display of interrelationships 
> across documents, like citations, keyword matches, full text 
> classification (like cluster analysis) - with import and use of journal 
> impact factors
> - ideally such a system would include collaborative functionality

All requirements you describe here leads to a real database to store all
the info and query on it.

> There are several Debian packages I think are or could be useful:
> - bibtex / pybliographer for reference management
> - swish-e / swish++ for full text search
> - tagcoll / SQL databases for managing defined values
> - dbacl for automatic Bayesian text classification
> - alexandria / bookcase / tellico for managing book (and other paper 
> document) collections
> - also some wikis could be useful (at least for some of the functionality)

For use in publications using Latex/Bibtex a simple scripts can read
from the database and write bibtex syntax.

Kind Regards,

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