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Re: The problem with gnuplot

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Lothar Ketterer wrote:

> Hi,
> > Mind you, there are switches in ./configure that work (and are breaking
> > people's copyrights if turned on), and there is rlwrap, but the former
> > breaks when you try to tab complete a filename in single quotes (IIRC; as
> > filenames need to be in gnuplot), and the latter breaks help and other
> > things that need unbuffered terminal input.  And I don't think the former
> > saves a command line history in a history file, which readline can do (and
> > rlwrap can do buggily).
> Sorry, i didn't understand fully. What do you mean by the former? Can't
> be libreadline, because this doesn't break when tab completing filenames
> in quotes.

Oh?  I thought it did.  It's been a while, but I thought *something* was
b0rken.  Perhaps not?

> And neither libreadline nor rlwrap break help in my case, or
> which help are you referring to? What else will break with rlwrap,
> assuming that this is what you mean by the latter?

What pager are you using?  When using `less', using arrow keys or doing
anything at all requires you to press enter when you finish, so that less
gets its command.

Ah, I see now -- I supply "-a" to rlwrap.  I had to do this because
otherwise completion wasn't working at all, even with "-c".  With "-a", it
works, just it refuses to complete a filename if surrounded by a single
quote, as gnuplot requires (although double quote works).

I found rlwrap also gets vastly confused when you present long lines to it
(printing multiple lines using multiple input files, etc), and only has a
very small history buffer.  Yes, I am supplying "-s 300000" to it.

I'll now give ledit a try...

Warning: No foo present. Your life may be in grave danger.

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