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Re: The problem with gnuplot


Mind you, there are switches in ./configure that work (and are breaking
people's copyrights if turned on), and there is rlwrap, but the former
breaks when you try to tab complete a filename in single quotes (IIRC; as
filenames need to be in gnuplot), and the latter breaks help and other
things that need unbuffered terminal input.  And I don't think the former
saves a command line history in a history file, which readline can do (and
rlwrap can do buggily).

Sorry, i didn't understand fully. What do you mean by the former? Can't
be libreadline, because this doesn't break when tab completing filenames
in quotes. And neither libreadline nor rlwrap break help in my case, or
which help are you referring to? What else will break with rlwrap,
assuming that this is what you mean by the latter?

Thank you for mentioning rlwrap, i didn't know this. It works perfect
for me, at least at first glance. So i won't be breaking copyrights
anymore (i just learned a few days ago that i was doing this). Or is
this also the case with rlwrap?

Lothar Ketterer

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