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Re: Hello

hello all,

i've been anticipating this kind of list since 3 years ago... finally we have one for researchers in science and using debian!

i'm rick bahague from the philippines. i started graduate school last year at the university of the philippines.my group is doing research on fundations of quantum mechanics. Particularly in explaining the time problem in quantum mechanics.

On this research, we have solve integral equations and eigenvalue problems. I have used matlab before i switched to fortran g77, when i have known that lapack and arpack routines of matlab where really taken from fortran implementation. i've been using g77 for 3 years now.

we also used gnuplot for graphs. i liked it for its own scripting syntax to automate plotting. recently, i was introduced to SCILAB. i am using it now before i implement eigenvalue problems to g77 and it has its own graphing capability.

all of the above were done using sarge before its official release and now i have a mixed testing/unstable sytem...

thats all!!!!

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