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Re: Hello

Matthew Nobes wrote:

Hello all,

While we're doing introductions, I'm Mattthew Nobes, a high-energy
physics postdoc at Cornell.  I do computational quantum field theory,
and have been a linux user for going on eight years now.
Hi Matthew,
Nice to see a fellow Cornellian :-)

I'm interested in putting together a set of packages designed to aid
in high-order perturbative calculations of Feynman diagrams.  There
are a number of packages out there, some free, some not.

One particular question I had was wether anybody here had experiance
with maxima as a replacement for maple/mathmatica?
I use maxima most of the time. It cannot do all the stuff that mathematica can do. For example, maxima cannot do integration of piecewise continuous functions while mathematica can. But for my purposes (usually integration, differentiation, plotting some functions etc.,) maxima is very much sufficient.

Using texmacs as an interface to maxima would be very eye-candy. This interface is almost same as that of maple.

I do not know how maxima compares with maple. May be others could explain it.


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi
Graduate Student, MAE
Cornell University

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