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Re: Hello

Em Qua, 2005-08-10 às 16:43 -0400, Matthew Nobes escreveu:
> One particular question I had was wether anybody here had experiance
> with maxima as a replacement for maple/mathmatica?

Well, I've had little experience with maxima as a replacement for maple
or mathematica. I've tried to use maxima inside Texmacs, which proved
beatiful aesthetically but not very functional. A friend of mine is now
considering Mupad. If you are really interested, we can talk about that.
It is surprising that we don't have something free like maple or
mathematica. And though I have no experience in programming, it sounds
feasible to develop something like that.

My name is Guilherme Pereira de Freitas, and I am a mathematical
economics graduate student at Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e
Aplicada (IMPA) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( http://www.impa.br ). As an
udergraduate, I've worked with some people from maths department at the
University of Brasília ( http://www.unb.br ) to spread the use of free
software tools for scientific tasks. One of the projects was to build a
live-cd with LaTeX and some basic tools for geometry, plotting, drawing,
simple data processing, etc. Our goal was to make people aware that
there were powerful (or not so powerful) free tools available for some
scientific tasks. We wanted to provide an easy way for these people to
discover free software scientific tools. Our base live-cd was kurumin
( http://www.guiadohardware.net/kurumin/ ), a very popular and extremely
friendly brazilian Knoppix-based distro.


Guilherme P. de Freitas

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