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Re: dasd permission

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 01:29:34PM -0500, Kevin Kobb wrote:

> Actually, I didn't have devfsd installed, but I just installed it. It
> changed the dasd to root:disk ownership, so as long as it doesn't break
> something else, all should be right with the world. I notice it isn't
> installed on my i386 box either, but the perms match. Is there a step
> missing in the 390 install process?
> Anyhow, I'll just make sure to load it in the future.

i386 does not use devfs unless explicitly (and manually) configured to do
so.  s390, however, uses devfs by default, and in order for permissions to
be set correctly, and for backward compatibility with the old device names,
devfsd must be installed.

There should probably be something about this in the installation
documentation, but I do not know whether there actually is.

 - mdz

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