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Re: arts build failure

On Thursday 06 February 2003 01:12, Chris Cheney wrote:
> Can whoever happens to maintain the s390 buildd check the config.log of
> arts package to see why it fails to find the xlibs-dev files.  It built
> fine on arm so I have no idea why it would be failing on s390.

I have figured out in the meantime that the problem is caused by the 
existence of the /lib64 directory. This leads to a setting of kdelibsuff=64 
during configure. This is wrong since the /lib64 is only needed for 64 bit 
libraries in case so called 64 bit biarch libraries are built, not for the 32 
bit libraries, which are are being built in this case. I am wondering why the 
same problem doesn't occur on sparc, since they are using the same setup.

Should I write a bug report to change this /lib64 check?


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