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RE: dasd permission

Actually, I didn't have devfsd installed, but I just installed it. It
changed the dasd to root:disk ownership, so as long as it doesn't break
something else, all should be right with the world. I notice it isn't
installed on my i386 box either, but the perms match. Is there a step
missing in the 390 install process?

Anyhow, I'll just make sure to load it in the future.

Thanks for your help.

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> On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 12:13:31PM -0500, Kevin Kobb wrote:
> > I have loaded Amanda on our Debian 390 system and it backs
> up great. The
> > only problem I have is with permissions. I chown the
> /dev/dasd/0151/partx
> > device to root:backup, chmod 640 and it works fine.
> However, every time I do
> > a shutdown and restart, the owner is back to root:root and
> the mode is 600.
> >
> > Can somebody tell me if this is being done through a
> startup script? If so,
> > I haven't found it yet. On Woody for i386 the devices are
> owned by root:disk
> > out of the box, and I don't have the same problem. It
> wouldn't be hard to
> > create a script to change the perms on startup, I just like
> to how they are
> > being changed in the first place. If anybody has an answer
> for this, I would
> > appreciate hearing it.
> This is being done by devfsd, configured in the file /etc/devfs/perms.
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