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Greetings;            (Posted to LINUX-390 and debian-s390 lists)

I am running Debian 2.4.19 under z/VM 3.1.0, and I need some file
systems and files that won't fit on a 3390-3. Maybe not on three
or four of them!

Is LVM2 "ready for prime time" yet?

If not, will it be compatible with LVM?

Any hints, tips, caveats or doc pointers I need to know before
I plunge into this?

Many TIA!
Dennis G. Wicks             Systems Programmer      dennisw@cdg.ws
Communications Data Group   Tel: (217)355-7117  Fax: (217)351-6994
102 S. Duncan Rd.
Champaign, IL  61822

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