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Re: Tacacs+ сервер

Andrey Melnikoff wrote:
Нет. радиус это средство для авторизации и аутентификации. а статистику он
собирает постольку-поскольку. В случае с ISG так вообще может быть на один
сеанс по 10 старт-стоп записей.




Accounting is described in RFC 2866.

* When network access is granted to the user by the NAS, an Accounting Start request is sent by the NAS to the RADIUS server to signal the start of the user's network access. "Start" records typically contain the user's identification, network address, point of attachment and a unique session identifier. * Periodically, Interim Accounting records may be sent by the NAS to the RADIUS server, to update it on the status of an active session. "Interim" records typically convey the current session duration and information on current data usage. * Finally, when the user's network access is closed, the NAS issues a final Accounting Stop record to the RADIUS server, providing information on the final usage in terms of time, packets transferred, data transferred, reason for disconnect and other information related to the user's network access.

The primary purpose of this data is that the user can be billed accordingly; the data is also commonly used for statistical purposes and for general network monitoring.

Peter Teslenko
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