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Re: Проблемы с USB мышкой


leo wrote:
Берем первый диск, находим файл /install/doc/ch-post-install.en.html и

Why would someone want to compile a new kernel? It is often not necessary since
the default kernel shipped with Debian handles most configurations. However,
it is useful to compile a new kernel in order to:

* handle special hardware needs, or hardware conflicts with the pre-supplied kernels
* handle hardware or options not included in the stock kernel, such as APM or SMP
* The compact and idepci flavors don't come with sound. Although the vanilla kernel does, it might not work for other reasons.
* optimize the kernel by removing useless drivers to speed up boot time
* use options of the kernel which are not supported by the default kernel (such as network firewalling)
* run a updated or development kernel
* impress your friends, try new things

Don't be afraid to try compiling the kernel. It's fun and profitable.

Больше всего мне нравится последняя фраза :)
Кстати, на диске с potato этот файл был и на русском.

А мне так же четвёртая нравится, а то на хрена загружать мне то чем
вообще не пользуюсь.


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