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Re: Where to store "left" debian packages?

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Pavel Epifanov wrote:

> From: Pavel Epifanov <pavel_e@yahoo.com>
> Subject: Where to store "left" debian packages?
> --- Victor Wagner <vitus@ice.ru> wrote:
> > У меня там уже собралось довольно много пакетов из potato, пересобранных
> > под slink - мне нужна софтина, я ее тащу, собираю, ставлю, а чтобы труд
> > даром не пропал - кладу в ftp://ftp.ice.ru/debian/slink/updates 
> BTW: I am not going to be a real maintainer, but I will create a binary .deb
> file for every package to use because many computers to upgrade. I am now under
> Potato and do not going to return back to Slink. Can be handy to store such
> packages which are not under Debian (yet!) somewhere. 

I think it is _very_ important. It is avoiding of duplication of work.
People may choose theirselves whether to trust non-official packages
or not. I'll suggest you just put the packages to your own ftp/web server
(with so many machines to upgrade you probably have one)
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