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Re: Where to store "left" debian packages?

--- Victor Wagner <vitus@ice.ru> wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Pavel Epifanov wrote:
> > Can be handy to store such
> > packages which are not under Debian (yet!) somewhere. 
> I think it is _very_ important. It is avoiding of duplication of work.
> People may choose theirselves whether to trust non-official packages
> or not. I'll suggest you just put the packages to your own ftp/web server
> (with so many machines to upgrade you probably have one)

I am keeping a "mirror" site by apt-move for my network. 
But I need to upgrade my friend' computers sometimes as well.
Packages changing so fast that there is no reason to birn CDR al the time.

There is no yet ftp/web server on my local network because dial-up cable
connection and by security reason (I do not want my PC works 24hrs).

Can I upload pine_4.21 (with applied Artem' patch for Pine_4.10L1 to the source
of 4.21) in binary form to ftp.ice.ru ? This is about 3 MB. If I need a special
key - please e-mail me as epv@casema.net

PS: You can easy use Russian (in KOI8r please) for writing. I can read it.

Pavel V. Epifanov.

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