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Re: Where to store "left" debian packages?

[ Do I really need to speak English here? ]

On Wed, Dec 15, 1999 at 07:31:40AM -0800, Pavel Epifanov wrote:
> BTW: I am not going to be a real maintainer, but I will create a binary .deb
> file for every package to use because many computers to upgrade. I am now under
> Potato and do not going to return back to Slink. Can be handy to store such
> packages which are not under Debian (yet!) somewhere. 
There are two possibilities.  You may try to find a sponsor (a person who is
already a maintainer, and is willing to upload the packages for you).  I am just
not sure whether you have to express your desire to become a developer sometime.

Second possibility is to make use that www.ru.debian.org (it will appear :).  (other
places will not be that official, I believe.)


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