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Re: Rails on Debian?

Alex Young escreveu isso aí:
> On 26/08/2012 22:40, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> >Hi Bob,
> >
> >Bob Proulx escreveu isso aí:
> <snip>
> >>Advice?  What is the Best Practice for Rails on Debian?
> >
> >All the javascript stuff did not get into wheezy because they depend on
> >NodeJS, so right now the Rails 3 stack will not complete in pure wheezy:
> >in special, since ruby-coffee-rails and ruby-uglifier did not migrate,
> >the Rails 3 asset pipeline is not available.
> >
> >My main goal when pushing to get rails3 into wheezy was to be able to
> >upgrade Noosfero (http://noosfero.org/) to rails3, and since it does not
> >use the asset pipeline that will be no problem for me personally.
> >
> >*But* I also plan to support the use case for new applications, so my
> >plan is the following:
> <snip plan>
> It sounds like the best practice *right now*, then, is:
>   # apt-get install ruby rubygems
>   # gem install rails
> Even when all the requirements for rails 3 get into wheezy-backports,
> I'd still go for this because we're not *that* far off rails 4, and a
> gem installed rails will have an easier upgrade path, for my money.

You are free to use whatever solution works best for you.

Which practice is _best_, however, depends a lot on what you need and
expect. If you want/need to follow new upstream releases whenever they
are released, yeah, for sure go with installing with rubygems. That's
not, however, what everyone else wants/needs.

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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