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Re: Rails on Debian?

Bob Proulx escreveu isso aí:
> But needing to use gems means possible differences from
> one install to another.  Or needing to specify each and every gem by
> gem and version in order to freeze on a known contour of working gem
> versions.  And it means that each user (me!) needing to manage that
> list carefully over the site lifetime.

Actually bundler manages that for you. Assuming you are using Rubygems
packages, whenever you run `bundle install`, it will store information
about the installed versions into Gemfile.lock, and if you add that file
to your VCS then everyone else that checkouts the source and runs
`bundle install` will get the exactl same versions you got when
Gemfile.lock was created in the first place.

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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