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Re: RFS: ruby-ronn, ruby-rdiscount, ruby-mustache


> ruby-mustache: 
>   lintian-clean (except missing upstream changelog) and builds in a clean chroot.
>   I believe it is good to go. You could gain readability in
>   debian/copyright by using a standalone paragraph for the Expat License
>   and refer to it twice.

I changed that.

> ruby-rdiscount: 
>   lintian-clean (except missing upstream changelog) and builds in a clean chroot.
>   The short name for the license used is BSD-4-clause, according to DEP-5.
>   You could distinguish the files that are copyright David Parsons (those
>   in ext/, or almost), and Ryan Tomayko. It is a best practice to use the
>   same license for the packaging and the package itself.
>   You need not (and must not) exclude from the repo files constructed
>   during packaging. They are removed during the target clean: of
>   debian/rules.

I changed the name for the BSD. My own stuff is now simply
public-domain, that way, the license is even broader than the upstream
software, posing no further restrictions.

I cannot see the clear line between the two authors, so I just keep them
both for all, so I do not take any copyright claims away from either one.

If I delete the .gitignore, I get a lot of stuff after I build the
package … why does the ignore file hurt?

> ruby-ronn:
>   lintian-clean and builds in a clean chroot, and seems to work. The
>   file AUTHORS lists four names, but only one is in a copyright field.

Added the other three, simplified the duplicate license paragraph too.


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