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Re: RFA: rtc.debian.org

Quoting gustavo panizzo (2019-05-25 10:33:46)
> On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 09:48:30AM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> >Quoting gustavo panizzo (2019-05-05 03:27:34)
> >> I don't have access to vogler to check but I could not find any 
> >> repo on salsa/alioth with the service settings so I guess is 
> >> managed manually on the server itself.
> debacle gave me a copy of prosody.cfg.lua and 
> conf.d/debian.org.cfg.lua
> With that I was building a repo in salsa, on my personal space, to 
> record changes to the configuration of the service and to deploy the 
> service configuration from git. [1]


Maybe post a note sharing that to https://bugs.debian.org/803119 - even 
if temporary until we establish a formal team on Salsa.

> I envision the deploy being made by someone in de debvoip team with 
> access to the server, maybe in the future the CI itself can do it.
> for lower level stuff (firewall, munin plugins) i think is better to 
> send MR to DSA's puppet repo

Sounds like you are far more familiar with DSA interactions than me.  

I am involved in packaging a range of SIP and XMPP and WebRTC packages, 
including janus (possibly useful as replacement/addition to current 
WebRTC frontend) and biboumi

> >Regarding admin access I have filed a request with DSA: 
> >https://rt.debian.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=7774 (not yet public)
> >
> I've filed #7773

Ahh - I totally missed that one.  Searched for RTC and XMPP and SIP 
without luck. :-/

I have now referenced both those DSA tickets at 

NB! I suggest subscribe to that wiki page to help look after it. :-)

> >I will try locate eventual git repositories from Alioth, and if 
> >succesful revive them at Salsa...

Let's add progress on git tracking to https://bugs.debian.org/803119

> I only found the website behind rtc.debian.org on Alioth

I found dillon.debian.org:/srv/rtc.debian.org/htdocs/

Is that what you are referring to as well, or something else?

I noticed that dir being git tracked - but the .git dir is inaccessible 
to me.

> [1] I don't know the ownership and permissions of the files under 
>     /etc/prosody that stops me from moving forward with the repo. 
>     After having _something_ i want to move the repo under debian-rtc 
>     salsa group (which doesn't exists yet)

Where did you find that inaccessible /etc/prosody dir?

I looked on dillon that I can access - vogler where it is more likely to 
be (that's where xmpp SRV record points to) I don't have access to.

 - Jonas

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