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Re: RFA: rtc.debian.org

[hopefully this msg won't break the thread]


I want to help to maintain the xmpp service, I run Prosody for my
personal server and I use Puppet.

I don't have access to vogler to check but I could not find any repo on
salsa/alioth with the service settings so I guess is managed manually on
the server itself.

Urgent tasks: Activate mod_firewall to get rid most of the spam and
activate HTTP upload (probably needs per service user quota do prevent
accidental DoS).

Please, not having HTTP uploads is pretty sad.

IRC: gfa
GPG: 0x27263FA42553615F904A7EBE2A40A2ECB8DAD8D5
OLD GPG: 0x44BB1BA79F6C6333

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