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Re: Personality traits of (Debian) developers

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 17:19:24 +0100, Martin F. Krafft wrote:

> > Also there is a long literature on hacking which notes the
> > semi-obessive traits of hackers, which I would say also pertains
> > to DD's. Turkle and Levy are two folks that come to mind.
> I guess the same could be said about Benkler: I am not talking about
> motivation, not about why a DD does what he does, but rather why
> s/he would do change the way s/he is doing something. 

Good point, I think "personality traits" and "motivation" are two
different things.

As a general remark:
I'm a bit surprised about the idea of "traits" as predictors for
behaviour because during my years at university (late '80s and early
'90s) things as "personality theories" where considered obsolete and
deprecated for some two or three decades (at least in political
science and management theory, the psychologists and sociologists
where lagging behind and were still using theories from the '50s or
something :-)).

Maybe this has changed again in the last decade (we also see a
revival of "genetics" over "environment" ...) and there's some
evidence that "personality traits" are a reasonable concept but I'd
still be skeptical if such a construct can explain much for your
research objectives.

Maybe looking into recent literature on organisational development
(if that's the right English term for "Organisationsentwicklung")
might be helpful?

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