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Re: Personality traits of (Debian) developers

On 9/25/07, Martin F. Krafft <martin.krafft@ul.ie> wrote:
also sprach Matthias Stuermer <mstuermer@ethz.ch> [2007.09.25.1059 +0100]:
> Concerning peer-reviewed work on Debian you might want to take a look at
> the papers of Siobhán O'Mahony. She did about 50 in-depth interviews
> with Debian developers and brings up many quotes in her writing. The
> statements are not particularly about skills of Debian developers but
> maybe you find some which fit your research question:

Great pointer. I actually know Siobhán but just didn't think of her
last night.



I have not written about personality traits per se but have looked at some of dynamics and tension between individualism and a certain form of populism in hacking/debian whereby there is an expectation that developers need to work and learn on their own (and on their own two feet) but some degree of helping each out is acceptable so long as you have already proved your worth and intelligence to the wider community. It is chapter four of my dissertation, which I will pass along to you if you would like.

Also there is a long literature on hacking which notes the semi-obessive traits of hackers, which I would say also pertains to DD's. Turkle and Levy are two folks that come to mind.

Also Benkler I believe, has a nice discussion of the multiple motivations developers have in working in the world of free software, which is a great reminder that this sort of development model works so well because it can integrate the full arc of human motivation, desrires, and I would add personalities.



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