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Personality traits of (Debian) developers

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for papers and research approaching the issue of
personality traits of Debian developers, or any developer of
a project comparable to Debian. This may be a bit of a stretch, as
Debian *does* stand out quite a bit, but I think that when it comes
to developer traits, projects such as the Linux kernel, Apache,
Gnome, etc. do not differ that much.

What I am looking for is work backing up claims such as "Debian
developers are perfectionist" or "highly-skilled" or "excited about
learning new techniques", etc.

So far, I have found only very little (apart from my own writing and
blog posts, or wiki pages), and nothing peer-reviewed, and thus I am
turning to you. Have you any references you could share with me?

Once I assembled a bit more data, I intend to take this public and
have some sort of Delphi-style development of a traits list, to
which I plan to invite the general public.

This is the wiki where I collect stuff right now:


Thanks in advance!

Martin F. Krafft        <mailto:martin.krafft@ul.ie>
Ph.D. student           http://martin-krafft.net/phd
Lero - the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre
University of Limerick, Ireland

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