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Re: Personality traits of (Debian) developers

Seg, 2007-09-24 às 20:41 +0100, Martin F. Krafft escreveu:
> What I am looking for is work backing up claims such as "Debian
> developers are perfectionist" or "highly-skilled" or "excited about
> learning new techniques", etc.

I took this question to my research about Debian. I've already talked
about it here, and no, I haven't yet translated it to english (my bad).
http://antropologia.codigolivre.org.br/ .

I'm taking the last chapter right now to translate, so I can point you
to something (please take a look in a couple days). But basically, what
I've built in terms of understanding was that the idea of debian
developers being "highly-skilled", and mainly that debian itself is not
newcomers-friendly, is, actually, the symptom of its governance style.
As the conclusion of my paper, I point out that "trust" is the main
governance concept in Debian, and that making the life easier to
newcomers wouldn't stress the newcomer's "trust", in a way that Debian
doesn't care being unfriendly to newcomers because that's the proccess
of learning and getting involved is the main path of getting the needed
trust to then become a debian developer.

Sorry if it looks a little confusing, but I'm a little busy right now
and I couldn't ellaborate more cleanly the ideas...


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