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Re: docbook for papers/theses

also sprach Benj. Mako Hill <mako@atdot.cc> [2007.02.01.1518 +0000]:
> The reason you would do it in DocBook instead of LaTeX is because
> you want better transformations into HTML/text/RTF, because you
> want to pull text from sources in DB or want to move things into
> DB later (e.g., into technical documentation in Debian), because
> you just don't like LaTeX or find it ugly, or any number of other
> reasons.
> If you only want to output to printed pages/PDF and you are just
> as comfortable writing in DB as LaTeX, there's really no reason.

In the days of most search engines indexing PDF files, I am not sure
of the benefits of HTML, and I couldn't even conceive a use case for

Thanks for the explanation.

> You were the one who asked the questions, so I figured you must
> have you own reasons already. :)

/me blames Lo-lan-do.

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