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Re: docbook for papers/theses

<quote who="martin f krafft" date="Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 12:22:58AM +0000">
> Does anyone here use Docbook for academic output, with bibliography,
> crossrefs etc., and would share a source and stylesheet for me to
> check out?

I used it for my undergraduate thesis in 2002-3. Things have changed
quite a bit since then so I'm not sure how much of my experience would
be useful. It was right during the period when DocBook SGML was being
moved to XML and the DSSSL stylesheets were being replaced with XSLT. I
can't imagine that my DSSL stylesheets will be too useful to you but I'm
happy to share.

Bibliography wise, I found DocBook basically hopeless. I ended up
keeping my references in some outside program (RefDB, IIRC) after
importing them from BibTex and then using RefDB to export DocBook using
one of the "cooked" DB formats. I ended up spending *way* more time on
it that I wanted.

Now that I'm back to thesis writing this year, I've not wasted a whole
lot of time choosing LaTeX. Bibliography related issues were the major

Hope that helped.


Benjamin Mako Hill

Creativity can be a social contribution, but only in so
far as society is free to use the results. --RMS

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