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Bug#680729: unblock: google-perftools/2.0-3

On 08.07.2012 10:46, Daigo Moriwaki wrote:
The package in unstable fixes the following issues, which would be of use
for users and us.

Unfortunately, unblocking it is not possible at the moment.

* debian/patches/20120708_ppc_ftbfs.patch: Imported Ubuntu's patch, fixing
    a build failure on powerpc, derived from the upstream:
    Thanks to James Page <james.page@ubuntu.com>. (Closes: #680305)

That's not grounds for an exception on its own, due to the fact that the package didn't previously build on powerpc.

  * debian/control: Bumped up to libunwind8-dev for Build-Depends.
    (Closes: #680724)

libunwind8-dev isn't in wheezy, and is really unlikely to be (see the separate thread on your request for that). Even with an unblock, the package wouldn't migrate due to the libunwind8 dependency being unsatisfiable in testing.



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