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Re: SE Linux packages


Please don't start threads by mailing me directly; I read debian-release (predictably :) ).

On 19.06.2012 12:46, Russell Coker wrote:
The policycoreutils package needs an important update.  The last
version fixed a bug that made some systems fail to upgrade but did
it in the wrong way.  The
version in testing right now will result in some systems failing to upgrade from Squeeze without unreasonable effort by the user. I plan to upload
version 2.1.10-9 tonight to fix this properly.


According to the above URL the selinux-policy-default package I uploaded two
days ago is in testing already, is that correct?

Yes, it migrated last night. The previous upload was urgency=high and hadn't migrated.

Anyway I would really like to get a new version in Wheezy with support for chromium-browser, I think that almost everyone who runs SE Linux on their
workstation will want that.  The changes in question are extremely
unlikely to break anything.

How much time do I have?

Assuming the change is ready, is there any reason not to upload it now? Framing things in absolute time terms isn't all that useful imho. If it doesn't maange to migrate on its own for whatever reason before automatic migrations stop, then talk to us about it then. It doesn't sound like it should be an issue though.



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