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Re: [SRU] Proposal of docky 2.0.12-1 for squeeze 6.0.1

>> I understand your concerns, but I as docky developer strongly recommend
>> this update.
>> docky 2.0.12-1 will be uploaded to unstable later this week.
> Even after that's occurred, your proposal still appears to be a direct
> backport to stable of the package that would be uploaded to unstable. 
> That would likely be suitable for squeeze-backports, but wholesale
> backports are not generally appropriate for stable updates.

I don't see this as backport. The current stable release is 2.1.1 (in
experimental) which could be uploaded without a problem to unstable. But
I wanted to make it clearer and keeping it in testing, so uploading
2.0.12-1 to unstable is more a like a workaround to have a presentable
package. Also the 2.0 series is feature stable and maintained for over a
year now to make stable-release-updates possible.

If you are this unhappy with the Mono.Options patch it could be
"unpatched" with quilt. (but this would lead to an untested state while
the current one is)

But if there is no other way this should clearly go into
squeeze-backports then. Nevertheless this is an upstream bug-fix-only


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