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[SRU] Proposal of docky 2.0.12-1 for squeeze 6.0.1


this is a *bug-fix-only* upstream release which only includes
cherry-picked patches and translation updates. I am hoping this will be
considered as stable-release-update for squeeze.

This is a quite large diff since it a jump by some micro versions from
2.0.6 to 2.0.12.

I have made a filtered diff (git diff
d40e9f7240f531083367a34de3ac0807511e11b7 | filterdiff -x "*/po/*" -x
"*/data/icons/*") which can be found here


Here is a not proper versioned package for testing purposes.

If this doesnt meet the formal requirements please say so, thank you.

Best regards,
Rico Tzschichholz

Docky Changelog since 2.0.6

2.0.12 "Simple acting" (2011-03-10)
 * Bug-fix and Maintenance Release
 * update translations

 * fix animations (LP: #672054)
 * clamping values coming in from gconf
 * drop global autostart default (LP: #670939)
 * make sure our launcher shows up by default
 * fix tooltips showing wrong on external drags
 * fix crash if 'poof.png' is missing
 * try to trap crashes coming from libnotify (LP: #678426)
 * fix crash when emptying trash and cant access a file (LP: #717875)
 * slightly zoom icons during drag (LP: #707658)

2.0.11 "Clean up your desktop" (2011-01-16)
 * Bug-fix and Maintenance Release
 * update translations

 * fix event-driven icon-update of MenuItemWidget
 * fix Gdk.Pixbuf leak in MenuItem and MenuItemWidget
 * add docky.desktop to translations
 * fix startup-activation of plugins
 * unregister of an event in DockWindow.Dispose was missing
 * make sure to ignore launchers with Hidden set (LP: #700203)
 * don't set geo on notifications (LP: #506084)
 * don't have Log.Notify use string.Format, which causes random bugs
such as
   gmail breaking when messages contain {} in the subject (LP: #697981)

 * NetworkMananger: fix typo and catch exception to prevent crash if dbus
   access isn't granted

2.0.10 "Nice and Easy" (2011-01-04)
 * Bug-fix and Maintenance Release

 * fix unhiding when there are multiple, differently sized monitors
   (LP: #625332)
 * add manpage
 * some optimizations

 * fix RecentDocuments (LP: #660179)

2.0.9 "You can count on us" (2011-01-01)
 * Bug-fix and Maintenance Release
 * update translations

 * fix compilation with mono 2.8+ (LP: #502650)
   remove dependency on Mono.GetOptions, which is obsolete and use a bundled
   Mono.Options source
 * add better implementation of DockySurface.LoadToPixbuf
 * fix potential X crash when hovertexts are reallllllllly long...
 * fix the helper tile not properly toggling (caused by gconf buffering
   updates) (LP: #694117)
 * fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException for pids.ElementAt(...)
 * add missing disposals of fileenumerator
 * let FileDockItems open on middle click

 * fix a problem with bookmarks crashing when reading bad bookmark files

2.0.8 "Turn it on again" (2010-12-03)
 * Bug-fix and Maintenance Release
 * update translations

 * change location of autostart file to ~/.config/autostart/docky.desktop
   (LP: #653981)
 * add window-matcher support for LibreOffice
 * fix hovertext for RTL font locales (LP: #610145)
 * some better pixbuf handling
 * fix indicators not updating on state changes (LP: #656653)
 * fix crash if a file delete fails (LP: #604234)
 * make sure separators dont darken
 * fix typo in log message
 * fix a NRE in the debug messages
 * make window manager checkbox grey out when checked, so its clear it
   can't be unchecked (LP: #657678)
 * make sure everything uses the services RunOnMainThread instead of
   calling Gtk.App.Invoke directly
 * protect the system service events from crashing docklets and make
   the events thread safe

 * Bookmarks: make sure to update hovers
 * Battery: now uses UPower if its available, then checks /sys/
   then defaults back to /proc/ (LP: #617293)
 * Gmail:
   - fix race condition when manually reloading gmail
     (LP: #675001, LP: #675002)
   - fix underscores in email topics making mnemonics in menus (LP: #673181)
   - fix crash when adding/removing gmail labels (LP: #670666)
 * fix gmail/weather not working on reboot (LP: #661923)

2.0.7 "Your friendly docking station" (2010-10-02)
 * Bug-fix and Maintenance Release
 * update translations

 * modify and fix align of 3D separator
 * a little nicer 128px icon
 * fix crash with invalid SetAlpha call (LP: #647072)
 * add some more exec matches for OpenOffice (LP: #504486)
 * Properly respect the autostart choice in preferences (LP: #550491)

 * NPR: fix set of station icon (LP: #636027)
 * Gmail: rename GMail to Gmail (LP: #634627)
 * RecentDocuments: fix crash when opening (LP: #645864)

 * rhythmbox: add AlbumArt.[jpg|png] to search list
 * make banshee helper not query dbus if banshee is not currently playing
   (LP: #613197)
 * open terminal here was preventing unmounting external devices (LP:

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