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Re: Advance freeze exception request for libcgi-application-extra-plugin-bundle-perl

On 10/13/2010 11:41 AM, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> Mehdi, When 0.2 was built there was a hope of getting it into 
> squeeze. I can understand if the boat was missed on that a long time
>  ago.
> The issue with #593102 is that the usptream component has an odd 
> layout and so needed to be repacked to build correctly.

Yeah. I do know that (I checked before answering). It will be the first
time Debian will release with l-a-e-p-b-perl. So, missing a module in
the first release can't considered a regression. That's why, *I* don't
consider it as RC. Other people might have a different opinion though.

> If we produce a 0.1.1 that ONLY updates  the copyright for the icons
>  and does the repacking for ProtectCSF could we get that into
> squeeze? Of course such a 0.1.1 would not have updated standards
> versions or updated copyright format etc.


> As such simply downgrading #599794 to something less serious and 
> waiting for the freeze to lift is attractive if that is an option.

No, that's still not an option. We could tag it squeeze-ignore if we
don't grant a freeze-exception for it, but the issue remains serious.


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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