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Re: NetworkManager testing migration

* Michael Biebl [Wed, 01 Apr 2009 01:43:14 +0200]:

> Hi release team,


> NetworkManager 0.7 and related packages (vpn plugin, GNOME/KDE frontend) are all
> ready for migrating to testing. As libnm-util had a soname bump (0->1), and
> gnome-main-menu, which still links against libnm-util0, is the only package no
> yet updated [1], this transition is blocked.
> I'd thus like the release team to either force NM and related packages into
> testing or remove gnome-main-menu from testing, so it can migrate automatically.
> As gnome-main-menu also builds the libslab0 library, which is used by
> gnome-control-center, I'd like to hear the release teams (g-c-c maintainers
> CCed) opinion on how to best proceed from here.

> I considered to NMU gnome-main-menu and disable NetworkManager support, but
> unfortunately this is not easily possible without heavy patching. Imho the best
> solution would be, to package the latest upstream version, which has support for
>  NM 0.7. I don't feel up to doing that myself in a NMU and will leave that to
> Riccardo, the gnome-main-menu maintainer.

> As I don't want to wait for such a potential upload of gnome-main-menu and I'd
> like the NM 0.7 packages get into squeeze as soon as possible, I'm asking for
> advice about the release teams preferred approach.

As you very well explain, gnome-main-menu also provides the libslab0
library, so gnome-main-menu can’t be just removed from testing to allow
for this transition to happen, since that would render gnome-control-center

By looking at mia-query output, it indeed seems Riccardo has been a bit
absent as of late. Since we have an offer from Julian Andres Klode to
help with maintenance of gnome-main-menu, I’ll reply on that thread now
suggesting that he goes forward.

I realize this will involve more waiting for you, but I prefer not to
leave gnome-main-menu uninstallable in testing (which would be the other
option), and unfortunately these are just the perks of maintaining
packages with reverse dependencies.

I’ll CC you on my next e-mail.

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        -- Rory and Lorelai

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