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Re: Bug#459324: gnome-main-menu: Official upstream release (0.9.12) available, fixing several memory leaks

* Julian Andres Klode [Sun, 05 Apr 2009 19:37:09 +0200]:

Hello, Julian.

> On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 05:56:07PM +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
> > I am not the maintainer of gnome-main-menu and honestly do not have much
> > interest or time to invest in it.

> I could update the package and (co-)maintain it, if this is OK for the
> current maintainer, whose latest upload was 447 days ago[1]. Latest
> recorded activity seems to be July 2008.

> I have write access to the pkg-galago repository, where the package is
> maintained, which makes a possible takeover easier.

I suggest that you go forward and start helping with maintenance of this
package, since it really looks like the current maintainer is absent,
and IMHO the package being part of a packaging group in Alioth should be
signal enough that help is welcome. Would you mind going forward already? 
Additionally, this update to 0.9.12 is needed in order to unclog the
transition of NetworkManager 0.7 to testing.

> > Regarding the new upstream release, I only quickly glanced at ubuntu and
> > they seem to have 0.9.12, although labelled as dfsg. Apparently there
> > were some licensing/copyright issues.
> The problem is that po/en_US.po has unclear licensing terms by refering to
> the license of a package which is not available anymore. I have contacted
> one of the upstream developers about it and I am awaiting his response.

In my opinion, we need not wait for this. At eg. [1] one can read
subdomain_parser was renamed to apparmor_parser, and we have the license
of apparmor_parser, so I think we should be safe, or acceptably unsafe
whilst we get back a definite answer. Thoughts?

Thanks for you interest,

- Are you sure we're good?
- Always.
        -- Rory and Lorelai

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