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Re: gkrellm-snmp links against openssl without exception

tags 508292 lenny-ignore


Please don't NMU to version 1.1 via t-p-u.  It should be sufficient to copy
upstream's license exception statement into debian/copyright, which is a
much more straightforward fix and avoids clobbering the maintainer's
versioning (you should definitely not number an NMU 1.1-1.1 when there
hasn't been a 1.1-1 upload by the maintainer!).

In fact, I believe that this bug should already not be considered RC for
lenny.  The licensing information found in debian/copyright is correct,
despite the fact that additional permissions have been granted; and because
the permission has been granted, there are no licensing problems that make
the package itself unreleasable.  I'm therefore marking this bug
'lenny-ignore', but cc:ing debian-release so the RMs have an opportunity to
override me if they disagree.

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