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Re: seeking lenny pre-approval for possible NMU of openjdk-6

Luk Claes schrieb:
> Bernhard R. Link wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm planing to NMU openjdk-6 with the attached patch to add an
>> workaround for 508650 (needed because of 504524 and 504623 make to
>> old workaround of specifying AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit impossible), unless
>> I get a NACK from it maintainers (last try to contact them was
>> 2008-12-19 with the same patch and intention to NMU expressed).
>> This patch only modifies behaviour when a new environment variable
>> _JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING is set, so should have hardly any chance for
>> side effects.
>> Could this get an freeze-exception in this form? (Assuming it can
>> go via unstable[1])
> Yes.
> Please contact us again when uploaded.

please fix #510972 at the same time. this is rev 1232 in the IcedTea repository.


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