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Re: #411838: Please fix this bug (e2fsprogs: fsck.ext3 can end up looping) also in Etch

> this bug seems also present in the current stable release. I ran into it
> after the recent kernel upgrade for Etch. Since this bug can cause
> unexpected downtime durations when it appears, I think this should be
> fixed in Etch, too.

Theodore, any comment about including a fix for #411838 in Etch? Would
you be able to upload fixed packges?

> Symptom here on amd64 Etch: fsck for one 2.2 TB partition _always_ hangs
> at exactly 70.0% and while fsck was mostly diskwaiting and used about
> 2-3% CPU before reaching 70.0%, it uses up 100% CPU after reaching 70.0%
> (no system or library calls anymore at that point), and never ends. (I
> waited several hours once.) This happens at boot up, in single user mode
> as well as when I boot up without this partition and then run fsck
> manually.

> Since backporting e2fsprogs from Lenny to Etch didn't work out of the
> box (FTBFS on Etch), I installed 1.39+1.40-wip-2007.04.07+dfsg-2 from
> snapshot.debian.net as a workaround. The bug was originally fixed in
> 1.39+1.40-wip-2007.04.07+dfsg-1.

> TIA.

> 		Kind regards, Axel Beckert

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