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Re: enchant NMU

[ Paul Wise, 2008-09-30 ]
> Another two have different versions in sid/lenny, so will need multiple binNMUs:

> pyenchant_1.3.1-2
> pyenchant_1.4.2-1

actually I planed to ask for a freeze exception for pyenchant 1.4.2-1 after
having it in unstable for a while but then #499710 was reported. Since it's
fixed now, do you think unblocking pyenchant 1.4.2-1 is still possible?

Pyenchant is released simultaneously with Enchant (it even has the same
upstream version). It was my fault why it wasn't in time in unstable - I
prepared new version 5 months ago[1] but since it wasn't working correctly with
Enchant 1.3, I didn't upload it to unstable (waiting for Enchant 1.4 to be
uploaded first). Few months later Enchat 1.4 was uploaded but I've missed it.
When I finally noticed it, it was too late... anyway, I removed some major
changes I introduced in the meantime (like new -dbg package), created lenny
branch[2] and uploaded it to unstable. Upstream bug tracker[3] doesn't contain
any new bugs.

[1] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/python-modules/packages/pyenchant/trunk/debian/?op=log&rev=0&sc=0&isdir=1
[2] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/python-modules/packages/pyenchant/branches/lenny/debian/?op=log&rev=0&sc=0&isdir=1
[3] http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=129919&atid=716237

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