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Communication style (Was: unblock request for consolekit_0.2.10-2)

[Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt]
> If you continue to ignore our widely announced rules, then yeah, you
> waste your time. And ours.

Here again, yet another insulting message to one of your fellow debian
developer.  I wonder if this is how the release team wish to
communicate with the rest of the developers, or if the style you
choose towards me is unique for us two.  I hope for the latter,
because I want Lenny released on time and not delayed because too few
people are interested in working on preparing it, and insulting the
ones that could help out seem a bad strategy.

The effect of your insult on me is demotivating regarding assisting
the release team.  Still not sure if this is the intended effect.  The
alternative seem to be that you do not know that your message is
insulting, that I misunderstood the text and that it can be read in a
way that isn't insulting, or that you believe your insult will have
positive effect towards the Lenny release.  The least depressing
alternative seem to be me misunderstanding your message, so I will
cling to the hope that it is all in my head, while making you aware
that your message seemed insulting to me.

Just for the record, as I see it, I understand how the freeze work,
and have not ignored any widely announced rules.  Those are only your
insulting claims towards me.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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